A passion 50 years long

ZEPNICASIL S.r.l. was born in 2022 from the incorporation of NICASIL S.r.l. in ZEP S.r.l., acquiring the skills and services of both companies.

Since the seventies, ZEP S.r.l. it is mainly active on the Italian market, in the field of treatment
surfaces of metallic materials.

Attention to customer needs and the use of cutting-edge technologies are among the main ones
strengths on which the company is based.

The main treatments carried out are the following:

Closely related to ZEP S.r.l., NICASIL S.r.l., a company that operates solely, was born in the mid-seventies in the chemical nickel plating sector with its own factory and independently. The activity
NICASIL S.r.l. it has then developed over the years, improving the appearance of the preparation of surfaces and finishes, towards increasingly innovative products such as the NICASIL-ANTIFRIZIONE process. In addition to nickel plating chemistry, in fact, the company NICASIL S.r.l. carries out preparation treatments of metal surfaces such as shot peening (with microspheres or corundum with various types of grit) and degreasing in solvent, finishing such as de-hydrogenation and thermal hardening.

Both companies base their respective work on the total involvement of their collaborators
specialists who, combined with the constant updating of production systems, are able to project these two realities towards an ever greater consolidation of the market positions acquired.
Production plants, process control laboratories and plant maintenance workshops
(to protect the flow of the product without interruptions), competent administrative offices, are the elements which guarantee quality, professionalism and the guarantee of excellent service.

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