Analytical laboratory

Laboratorio e Test di Corrosione - Nicasil ZEP

Physical and chemical analysis lab: processed items quality control, productive processes control, raw materials checking off, research and development.

Two technicians to measure, to analyze, to control and to draw up the conformity certificates.

Thickness analysis

The coating thickness could be detected by a magnetic way with a particular instrument called Magne-gage. The lab is equipped with two magnetic instruments both calibrated on the following band: diamagnetic films on magnetic substrates. Therefore they are suitable to detect e.g. zinc, chrome, cadmium, phosphate coatings etc…..mainly on iron or steels. The mentioned instrument has a good sensibility and it neither destroys nor partially damages the analysed items. For further information: UNI 2178/87
The coating thickness can be determined by the fluorescence of the item induced by an X-ray source. Our lab is equipped by a calibrated instrument for the whole range of coatings and substrates. In fact the coating crystalline lattice in contact with a substrate, once irradiated by an X-ray radiation, can re-emit an higher wave-length radiation in proportion to its dimensions and to the type of the involved atoms. After a fair calibration with standard samples it is possible to relate the emitted energy to the protective film thickness. The instrument presents an high resolution and an high sensibility with very low revealing limits (about 0,20 microns for the all bands). It does not affect nor damage the analysed item. For further information: UNI 3497/01

Salt fog corrosion test

The corrosion test is essential to value the effective different films corrosion-proof. The test is performed with regards to the UNI 9227/2006

It concerns a very oxidizing conditions and because of the UNI reference, it can be compared with other results obtained by different conditions or on different samples.

As to the items corrosion-proof, testing the whole productive process we can guarantee to the clientele our range of products.

On request we can also test special items and therefore draw up a related conformity certificate.

For further information: UNI 9227/06

Other controls

The other controls are necessary to keep a check on the productive process and to research and develop new technologies on the metals treatments. In particular Conductivity, pH and Refraction measurements, Titration, Microscope analysis, Hull cell electrolysis, Qualitative determination of the surfaces, etc…

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