Anticorrosion Treatment

What is Anticorrosion Treatment?

It is important to block the porosity of nickel with a suitable anticorrosion treatment based on the application of a sealant to inhibit aggressive agents from contact with the base metal through the pores.

These anticorrosion sealants, unlike the antifriction ones, are petroleum based and have a viscosity that varies according to the type of sealant, concentration and processing temperature.

In general, the different types of sealants used for anticorrosion treatments are divided intoR68, R80, R100 and Q100, used according to the environment with which the metal will be in contact. Following are the applications of the different types:

Di seguito le applicazioni delle diverse tipologie:

Used to protect the surface of nickel in industrial environments

It is more concentrated than the R68 and is particularly suited to withstand the outdoors

Used for all environments, even with high degrees of aggressiveness such as the marine one, ideal when combined with a very thick nickel

characterized by excellent resistance to corrosion similar to that of the R100, but with the advantage of having lower viscosity at low temperatures, thanks to a high degree of absorption of the layer of nickel

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