Antifriction Treatment

What is Antifriction Treatment?

Nicasil antifriction is a layer of nickel sealed an additive that makes it more resistant to corrosion ensuring the same surface hardness and lowering the friction coefficient.

Generally, the intrinsic characteristics of the antifriction treatment can be divided into two aspects:

A layer of nickel obtained through the Nicasil Process hasa surface hardness of 500-550 HV100. Once hardened with heat treatment (10h at 300°C) can reach around 1000 HV100. Considering the roughness alwaysconstant (e.g. Ra 0.8), the friction coefficient undergoes a considerable reduction thanks toto the application of an anti-friction sealant, applied by emulsion.

The anticorrosion treatment assumes crucial importance for metal parts in contact with aggressive agents. With Nicasil antifriction you also act on the corrosion resistance, which increases by 20% compared to the standard nickel (sealant applied to 30%).

Comparison with Cheniflon (or Nickel Teflon)

To better evaluate the characteristics of an anti-friction treatment performed using Nicasil Anti-friction, it is possible to make a comparison with another system that is very widespread but of lower efficacy and quality, in fact:

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