Micro shoot-peening


What is Micro shoot-peening?

The micro shot-peening treatment is performed to prepare the surface either for subsequent treatments or coatings or as a finishing, as with stainless steel surfaces.

Micro shot-peening is needed to make the surface homogeneous with the removal of about 1 micron of material and create a lightly rough surface, such as to favor the anchorage of the nickel layer with consequent improvement in terms of adherence of the deposit.

Micro shot-peening treatments are divided into three categories:

Performed by means of two automated machines, it is suitable for shot-peening of steels in general and alloys with low surface hardness

Made by two with manually processed machines, it is particularly suitable for processing hardened and stainless steel

Performed by a manually operated machine, it is ideal for processing stainless steel with high aesthetic standards.

It is finally worth stressing that as a result of the different treatments, both for standard adjustment starting surfaces and for those with extrusion roughness, the degree of surface roughness, measured in Ra, as a result of Micro shot-peening is set on values of only about 1,6.

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