Anodic oxidation

Ossidazione Anodica, protezione alluminio  - Nicasil ZEP

process and advantages of anodic oxidation

Protective treatment applicable only on aluminium and its alloys.

Because of the electrochemical converting of the raw aluminium surface to aluminium mixed oxides, it protects the treated items against the corrosive agents warranting them to last for long term under adverse conditions.

The corrosion-proof is depending by the oxides thickness which growth is penetrating.

Hence the treatment avoids increasing the product dimensions which are guaranteed independently from the oxides amount.

The minimum film thickness has 3 microns.

Optional: black or brown colouring, lubrication with white oil solution, previous sand-blasting to get the surface more homogeneous.

Being the film insulating the anodic oxidation affects the products’ electric features.

Anodic oxidation plant

Semi-automatic jigs plant. The processing tanks have the following dimensions: 3,50×1,00×1,20 meters.

The anodic oxidation is suitable for aluminium and its alloys.

Optional: possibility of black or brown colouring, possibility of lubrication with white oil, possibility of a metal surface sand-blasting in order to get it homogeneous (before the treatment).

Anodic oxidation sample
Ossidazione anodica
Anodic oxidation sample
Ossidazione anodica

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