Phosphate coating


Process and benefits of phosphate coating

Temporary protective treatment ideal as a pre-varnishing coating

Two different types of treatment, either zinc-phosphate coating (thickness between 6 and 15 microns) or zinc-calcium phosphate also called “micro-phosphate” coating (thickness between 3 and 6 microns).

It concerns the iron surface converting to a zinc-iron mixed salts protective film.

The corrosion-proof depends on the type of phosphate coating and on the optional lubricant (we apply the best brands of mineral oils such as Quaker, Agip, Castrol and Fuchs).

The film is diamagnetic and presents a low friction-coefficient (very low in the case of micro-phosphate coating), has a greyish good looking and shows a good salt-fog cabinet test’s results.

Phosphate coating plants

The phosphate coating plants are completely automatic and the phosphate baths contain zinc salts.

On request there is the option to process the items on the micro-phosphate coating plant whose baths are composed by a zinc salts combined with calcium ions.

Equipped either with jigs (dimension of the tanks are: 1,00×0,50×0,50 meters) or with barrels the plants are connected to a process control station and to a thickness measurement point.

They ensure the exact thickness as required and the maintenances-process conditions in order to yield an high quality product.

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