Semi-shiny electrolytic tinning (acid bath)

process and advantages of Semi-shiny electrolytic tinning (acid bath)

Electrolytic tinning obtained by a bath formed blending the sulphuric acid along with a solution of tin-sulphate.

Depending on the clientele requirements the film thickness could have from 3 to 35 microns.

Suitable to cover all sorts of metals, in particular copper (e.g. electric issues), steel, aluminium and other alloys such as brass and bronze, it presents a good corrosion-proof, nice looking and very high electric conductivity.

Optional: de-hydrogenation and emulsifying-oil lubrication.

Semi-shiny electrolytic tinning plating plant

One automatic plant equipped with barrels and jigs to deposit the semi-shiny electrolytic tin on the metal surfaces.

Tanks dimensions: 1,00×0,50×0,50 meters.

Tin cover thickness from 3 up to 35 microns.

Suitable for a big set of metals in particular iron, steel, aluminium, copper, brass and other their alloys.

Optional: oil lubrication, superficial sand-blasting in order to get it homogeneous.

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