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Long-lasting protection Electrolytic galvanizing

Electrolytic galvanizing is a high-resistance protective treatment, ideal for preventing corrosion damages.

Electrolytic galvanizing adds value and strength

Cover with style, protect with strength

Aesthetic and functional advantages of the electroless nickel coating ENP Electroless Nichel coating

ZEPNICASIL ENP not only offers exceptional chemical-physical properties, but is also ideal for the protection and decoration of metals and alloys.

Complete and customized approach in the chemical processing of metal surfaces Other processes

Our company is committed to fully satisfying the different needs of customers, offering a wide range of specific treatments for every type of surface, material or size.


Research and development Always in close relationship with the world of research

Attention to customer needs and the use of cutting-edge technologies are among the main strengths that have always constituted our company philosophy. You can contact us to request an offer and we will be able to advise you on the best processes that meet your needs.