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Prevention from aggressive agents on metal Stainless steel pickling

We understand the importance of ensuring good corrosion resistance for stainless-steel parts, despite their high surface hardness. Corrosion resistance depends on the composition of the metal substrate and the aggressive agents to which it is exposed.

Our pickling process for stainless steel surfaces and the subsequent passivation act as a chemical cleaning and oxidizing surface protection, preventing direct contact of aggressive agents with the metal thus reducing the risk of corrosion.

The chemical pickling treatment does not alter or remove any surface marks caused by drawing, deburring or abrasion. In case of such defects, we try to resort to specific preventative mechanical treatments to effectively correct them.

Our pickling process is suitable for all types of austenitic steel (AISI 300 series), both for various small pieces and for carpentry up to a length of 7.5 meters.

Our experts use advanced methodologies and highly effective chemical processes to achieve high-quality results.
Contact us to find out how our stainless-steel pickling can improve the performance of your components and ensure greater resistance to corrosion.