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Electrolytic galvanizing: process and advantages for corrosion resistance Electrolytic Galvanizing

Discover the process and the advantages of electrolytic galvanizing proposed by ZEPNICASIL for long-lasting protection against corrosion. Electrolytic galvanizing is a high-resistance protective treatment, ideal for preventing corrosion damages.

Our electrolytic galvanizing process (tank size 7,500×2,000×750 mm) equipped by specific electrolytic solutions to create an insoluble coating on your conductive material. Thanks to the transformation of electrical work into chemical work, you will obtain a protective film on the surface of the metal, ensuring long-lasting protection. Unlike surface conversion treatments, electro-galvanizing not only protects the base metal, but acts as a sacrificial anode, preventing corrosion from progressing.

Before undergoing your item to the electrolytic galvanizing process, we carry out thorough surface preparation which includes thorough cleaning to expose the metal. Subsequently, we immerse the item in an electrolytic solution containing zinc salts and, through the current passage, we deposit a layer of metallic zinc on the surface. This zinc coating offers complete protection against corrosive agents.

Electrolytic galvanizing has multiple applications, including the characteristic to perform white, iridescent or yellow passivation, as well as neat or emulsifying oil-based finishes to improve corrosion resistance and aesthetics. Our corrosion resistance results under certain conditions are comparable to those of hot-dip galvanizing, ensuring reliable protection.

All galvanizing is Cr(VI)free. For high corrosion resistance requirements, Iridescent Passivation is proposed according to FIAT Specification 9.57405.

With a coating thickness of 5 up to 100 microns, ZEPNICASIL electrolytic zinc plating offers a completely diamagnetic coating. The characteristics of adhesion, porosity and aesthetic qualities are always guaranteed and can be influenced by the quantity of the thickness loaded.

Choose ZEPNICASIL for your electrolytic galvanizing and enjoy long-lasting protection against corrosion. Contact us today to learn more about our process and the benefits of electro-galvanizing for your application.