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Improves corrosion resistance and paint adhesion to aluminium SurTec®650 aluminum passivation

Let’s discover the advantages of SurTec®650 passivation on aluminium. This treatment can be applied as a protective agent in itself or as a pre-painting layer. Passivation can be applied to all types of aluminum alloys, especially for small parts, mechanical parts or carpentry up to 3.4 meters in length.

Passivation has two main objectives: to promote the adhesion of the paint layer to the aluminum and to significantly improve corrosion resistance.
Aluminum passivation uses a trivalent chromium-based solution which replaces the traditional hexavalent chromium-based aluminum chromating process, in line with European environmental standards (RoHS, REACH, etc.).
The characteristics of passivation include good corrosion resistance, excellent adhesion as a pre-painting layer and preservation of the electrical properties of the part.

Passivation is a frequent choice compared to other treatments, thanks to the maintenance of the electrical conductivity of the base material and the excellent adhesion to the metal surface. This process can be applied to all types of aluminum alloys, in particular for small parts and carpentry up to 3,4 meters in length.

We also study a customized treatment methodology which can include the creation of specific jigs for each type of shape. This study takes into account the shape of the object to be treated, including edges, welds and surface activation. In some cases, pre-peening may be necessary.

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