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High quality finish with no risk of burns or surface marks Stainless steel electropolishing

Electropolishing offers numerous benefits compared to traditional mechanical polishing. In addition to the surface brightening properties, our acid bath guarantees surface passivation which allows to improve the corrosion resistance of the components.

With the electropolishing treatment of stainless steel, we obtain a high quality finish without the risk of burns or surface marks. Our electrochemical process preserves the integrity of the base material, keeping its original crystalline structure intact and ensuring a surface free of deformations or abrasive inclusions.

Our experience allows us to manage a wide range of shapes, welds and current density to obtain uniform results across the entire surface. The dimensions of our single cycle tanks are 1000 x 1200 x 2800 mm, to guarantee the processing of components of various sizes.

The advantages of electropolishing stainless steel compared to mechanical polishing are many. In addition to the attractive visual appearance, electropolishing offers greater strength and durability. While mechanical polishing can present marks, deformations and significant and uncontrolled surface removal, our electrochemical process guarantees a flawless metal surface, without compromising the integrity of the material.

Choosing stainless steel electropolishing means opting for a high quality, resistant and long-lasting finish. No matter how minimal the workmanship, mechanical processes always leave marks on the surface, while electropolishing offers a superior end result that enhances the aesthetic appearance of your stainless steel components.

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