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Suitable as a post-treatment for chemical nickel plating for a harder and more resistant surface. Thermal hardening and dehydrogenation

We at ZEPNICASIL provide a complete and customized approach in thermal processing of hardening and dehydrogenation.

Our heat treatment is particularly suitable as a post-treatment for chemical nickel plating, as it allows the crystalline structure of the Ni-P alloy to be transformed into a harder and more resistant surface.

The maximum temperatures reached during the process can reach up to 300 °C, guaranteeing optimal results in terms of maximum hardening of the protective coatings.

Dehydrogenation by heat treatment allows the embrittlement of the components to be reduced, caused by the absorption of molecular hydrogen within the crystalline structure. Thanks to a combination of treatment time and temperature, we are able to reduce the presence of hydrogen molecules, thus improving the properties of the materials (less risks of damage).
Our oven for thermal hardening and dehydrogenation is fully automated and equipped with advanced management software. This allows us to guarantee complete traceability of operating conditions during the manufacturing process, ensuring maximum precision and quality.

By choosing ZEPNICASIL for your thermal hardening and dehydrogenation needs, you can trust on our experience and expertise in the industry. We are committed to providing reliable and professional services, exceeding our customers’ expectations. Contact us!