Quality policy

Qualità Cerfificata - Nicasil ZEP

Our internal procedures to raise quality standards

Our Company, by express will of the Management, has decided to maintain its own Quality Management System certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001.

This choice has also been formulated in the light of the need to adapt to greater market competitiveness, which requires an ever higher quality of product and service.

The Management System aims to elevate the culture of Quality in people who work in the company, involving them in the knowledge and application of internal operating procedures, aimed at achieving high quality standards.

The Management also assures its commitment so that the behaviors and directives are in line with these intentions, in order to develop the energies and professionalism of each and allow to work in an environment of mutual trust and respect for customer satisfaction.

The management is committed to managing and supervising the SGQ according to the binding regulations with an approach to Risk-Based Thinking.

Our company has determined the processes necessary for the management system for the quality and measurable indicators useful for improvement, carried out an analysis to address risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives and identified relevant stakeholders
for the quality management system and its expectations and carries out a systematic analysis of it.

In order to demonstrate the real commitment of the Management, Dr. Lusardi has assumed the position of Head of Quality Assurance and therefore has responsibility for the management of all the activities connected to the System itself.

In the Quality Manual, an element of the Management System distributed outside, our Company declares its Policy for quality and the objectives to be achieved.

Company policy

Our Company’s policy is to achieve and maintain a good level of organizational-management as an indispensable support for the satisfaction of the customer expectations and the development of their market share.

Annual targets are periodically defined and quantified and presented to the internal stakeholders on appropriate documents.

How to achieve your goals

Improvement plans are drawn up annually to enable the objectives set to be pursued.

Strategies to achieve these objectives are aimed at:

  • have a constant attention to the market that allows us to propose processes
    always current and innovative;
  • provide the Customer with valid technical and commercial support to advise the most appropriate solutions;
  • plan the service management process by streamlining the way in which it operates;
  • ensure the control and timely maintenance of equipment;
  • refurbishment of equipment with reliability problems;
  • revise electrical panels to improve plant performance;
  • replace measuring instruments to make controls more accurate;
  • ensure a widespread and timely help to the Customer in the creation and industrialization of new treatments;
  • train and update its employees to ensure continuous professional growth, in order to make the services offered more competitive (quality/ costs).

Everyone is involved in achieving these objectives in order to reach continuous improvement.

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