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Laboratory and Corrosion Test

Laboratory and Corrosion Test Research and development

In order to provide an increasingly better service and result, our Chemical Lab carries out constant control on the processed products’ quality and on the production process. We have two technicians specialized in measurement, analysis and drafting of conformity certificates.

Furthermore, to better manage the problems and new perspectives of surface treatments, we have a Research and Development office that actively involves our analysis lab with the University of Parma. The objective of this collaboration is to satisfy the different needs and expectations of the market and open new and interesting avenues for the application of treatments.


At the moment, we are working in close collaboration with the Department of Physical Chemistry on some research topics. In particular, we have approved a study project on “Problems related to atomic interstitial hydrogen in steels and the hypotheses of dehydrogenation with new technologies”. This project represents a step forward in the evolution of the sector.

We also carry out other controls in our laboratory to monitor the production process, research and development. These include measurements of conductivity, pH, refraction, roughness, adhesion, porosity, concentration analysis, microscopic analysis, thickness measurements, Hull cell electrolysis and qualitative surface determination.

Testing and drafting of the certificate of conformity Salt spray cabinet test

To evaluate the actual corrosion resistance of the different protective coatings, we perform the salt spray test in accordance with UNI 9227/06 standards.

The test is conducted in extreme-oxidizing conditions and provides results comparable with other tests carried out on similar coatings or in different aggressive conditions. We guarantee strict control over the entire production process and offer variable resistance depending on the type of coating. Upon customer request, it is possible to carry out special tests on batches, with the related conformity certificate that can bear photographs at various steps.

Coating thickness analysis

As to the coating thickness measurements, we are equipped by advanced methodologies such as magnetic and fluorescence measurements. Thanks to specific instruments such as the “Magne-gage“, we can precisely determine the thickness of coatings on ferrous or various alloys substrates. The diffraction measurement of the RX, correlated to the fluorescence of the materials, however allows us to relate the energy emitted by the crystalline lattice with the thickness of the protective film.

For further information on our laboratory and corrosion testing services, we invite you to visit and consult the relevant UNI norms, such as UNI 9227/06, UNI 2178/87 and UNI 3497/01.

We are ready to face every challenge and work closely with our customers to meet their needs and exceed expectations in the surface treatment industry.