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Protection of materials from atmospheric events, water and food substances Alkaline electrolytic tinning

The alkaline electrolytic tinning is an electrolytic immersion treatment that offers numerous benefits for the protection of various metals, including copper, iron, aluminum and their alloys. Tinning with compact tin coatings is widely appreciated for its excellent corrosion resistance and ability to protect materials from weather, water, solutions and even substances such as foods.

Our tinning technique guarantees a low porosity tin coating, especially for less noble metals such as iron, thus avoiding acceleration of the oxidative process. A coating with low porosity increases corrosion resistance and offers high-quality aesthetic properties, maintaining the distinctive white color even in the presence of specific humidity and gases.

The tin coating is ductile and offers particular protection against moderate stress, making it an excellent substrate for any painting. Furthermore, our company specializes in the processing of refrigeration units, copper bars, electrical panels and connectors, heat sinks, radiators and heat exchangers, where uniform and complete surface protection is essential.

We are equipped by semi-automatic plant with an alkaline bath, designed to guarantee maximum penetration even at low current densities. The dimensions of the tanks are 3500 x 1200 x 800mm, allowing the tinning of large and heavy sheets and metal components.

The thickness of the tin coating can vary from 3 to 35 microns, depending on the specific processes.

Our experience and attention to detail allow us to provide high-quality results that meet your specific needs. Contact us to find out how we can improve the appearance and performance of your metal components.