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Treatment widely used to protect aluminum Anodic oxidation

We have a vast experience in anodic oxidation treatment and a long experience gained in the aluminum treatments sector available to our customers. Anodic oxidation is a process that allows any metal surface to be anodized, creating a protective film that is particularly resistant to corrosion and has good electrical resistance, as well as excellent aesthetic qualities.

This treatment is widely used to protect aluminum and is performed in two phases: the formation of the film and the subsequent porosity sealing. The process can be applied to all types of aluminum alloys, suitable for both various small items and carpentry up to 3.4 meters in length. Furthermore, we study customized treatment methods to create specific frames/jigs for each shape.

Our in-depth analysis takes into consideration the shape of the object to be treated, including the edges and any welds, the current density (which must be made as homogeneous as possible over the entire surface), the passage of the gases in the anodic phase and the superficial activation. In some cases, preliminary shot peening may be necessary to ensure an optimal result.

The minimum guaranteed thickness of the anodic film is 3 microns

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