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Discover ZEPNICASIL's anti-corrosion treatment for reliable protection of nickel-plated surfaces Anti-corrosion treatment

Anti-corrosion treatment is an essential solution to protect nickel-plated surfaces from aggressive agents. Through the application of special sealants, the porosities of the nickel film can be sealed, preventing contact with corrosive agents.

Our anti-corrosion sealants, formulated based on olefins, offer effective protection and vary in viscosity depending on the type, concentration and temperature of use. The most common types of sealants for anti-corrosion treatments are R68, R80, R100 and Q100, selected based on the metal’s exposure environment.

Here are the applications of the different types of sealants:

Find out how ZEPNICASIL’s anti-corrosion treatment guarantees effective and long-lasting protection of nickel-plated surfaces.
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