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Galvanizing for fasteners or odd and ends Electrolytic galvanizing in the barrel

Do you want to know more about barrel electrolytic galvanizing? At ZEPNICASIL we propose an excellent treatment for the protection and finishing of your metal components. Thanks to our cutting-edge systems we guarantee superior results for small items.

Barrel electrolytic galvanizing is a highly effective process for obtaining a uniform and homogeneous galvanized surface. Through the combination of barrel rolling and careful process control, the material is coated with a precise and homogeneous layer of zinc.

Our barrel systems are completely automated, with programmable weighing load curves so as to be able to guarantee the ideal, constant and homogeneous thickness of zinc for the specific dimensions of the components. Furthermore, our advanced process control and traceability system allows us to precisely monitor each individual product.

At ZEPNICASIL, we are proud for our quality and the effectiveness of our barrel electrolytic galvanizing treatment. Every step of the process is carefully monitored by our technical experts and our quality control department. We manage specialized software to ensure maximum precision and traceability.

Find out more about barrel electrolytic galvanizing and its many benefits for protecting and finishing your metal components. Contact us for further information and to find out how we can meet your needs.